Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Whats New with Team Alterra 2007?

Planning takes place for race season 2007. As of August
2007, Tony G steps up to team captain while Greg continues duties of race
New Team members
Ann Wakefield
Tim Scanley
Jeff Petersen
Jim Liesen

New team member Cindy
Water Girl
Anna, new member who finally decided to come over to the cool side.
Member Tammi not present, who is recovering from her bionic hip


Anonymous said...

New hip maybe, bionic not!! All is going well and I will see you all @ the races. Start your engines and GOOOOOOOOOO.

MTB MOMMY Too lazy to set up a blog!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go ANNA. You know what team has all the FUN!!! Hope to see you this summer