Sunday, April 01, 2007

So much to do, such little time...

Bourbon Street

I am glad to be back to my regular routine. If life was one big vacation I would get bored with it. I like the leisure pleasure of doing what I want on a trip, or when ever I have time off, but there is something to say about having structure in your life, I think I thrive on it. Four days away for a convention and a little fun can catch up with you, quite quickly. New Orleans is a bit tarnished from the devastation of hurricane Katrina, but I think in time they will swing back to a full recovery. The spirit still lives on even though the city edges are a bit ruffled. Interestingly, aside from the usual festivities in the French Quarter where we happened to stay, I hit up a few art galleries that were pretty cool and learned a little bit about a few local New Orleans artists.

Check out Martin Laborde, born in New Orleans, he spent the first two decades of his life in total silence. He compensated by developing a heightened visual sense and his art became defined by the spiritual and mystical world he envisioned. Many want to purchase his work and display it in their children's bedrooms, but his art is meant to be displayed for the adult. His work demonstrates the childlike qualities in all of us that we tend to hide. Again I stumbled upon another interesting artist that demonstrates a mischievous dark side in his paintings that are a reflection of his life as he peels away the layers, Harouni has had an interesting past and I believe some of his work has been displayed in several movies.
I really had a good time learning how to use my new SLR. I have a lot to learn and I can't wait to take shots this race season.

Cafe Absinthe
First stop after I found out they lost my luggage
Did I mention that I am glad to be home and back on my routine? It felt great this past week to ride on the bike, even though the weather is a bit trying. Keeping up on the nutrition and rest this week is the easy part. I wonder if doing my homework will make the grade. Iola is just around the corner and having heard about the carpet machine's finish this weekend has me stoked for this season.

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MTB Girl said...

It's funny how different people are. Structure usually stresses me out. :-) But then again I have a significantly structured workout plan. . . .so I guess not ALL structure stresses me out. I think I could get used to LOTS of vacation. . . .I'll let you know if I think it's something I can handle when get BACK from mine.