Friday, April 13, 2007


It's that time of year to gather the ALTERRA Gang together for a party. Uniforms have arrived and that give us another excuse to live it up. Of course there will be the usual (monkey) business to be discussed, but I guarantee I will get some good pics tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

Otherwise nothing new other than I am ready to launch the trainer out the window. Only one week to go and then I can ride my ass off in Sedona, vacation could not come at a better time. I day dream about the thoughts on how I will spend my days on vacation. Ride, jacuzzi, ride, take a nap, drink, lie by the pool, drink....get a little nookie


Ty said...

a little nookie? Ta hell wit dat!
Nookie all the time!

Christine said...

Im holding ya to that BOY!

MTB Girl said...

Get a room!