Friday, April 27, 2007

One good day after another...

Three chiefs trying to find the trail head
A grueling 1/4 mile climb at the beginning of Ridge Trail
The hill continues, testing your psyche to see how long you
can endure the burn climbing on loose rocks.

Riding along Ridge trail things started to get tricky, edgy loose rock single track

that was very scary to get of your bike even to stand and walk it. The rocks were so loose when you would step down that half the trail you were standing on would slide under your feet down the mountain side. Dan and I were behind Captain and Keith, I kinda thought I did not recognize this trail from yesterdays ride, luckily Ty and Keith turned around, they too headed in the wrong direction. We found out it was the back end of Airport loop that was PUCK 10+, Captain tells me shear drops and huge boulders, difficult to even walk in areas less than one foot wide trail.

Dan and I decided to do the Carol Canyon trails, Old post trail, Bandit trail up to the front half of Airport trail which leads to our house. We had a blast on some fast switch back down hill sections that were a sweet reward after all the climbing. After riding through the canyon we decided to hit up bandit trail which was a technical uphill challenge. The single track was 1 foot wide with very tricky medium size rocks, not loose, easily rideable, but there were" Cactus to the left of me cactus to the right, here I am stuck in the middle maneuvering like a bandit with great balance." You had no choice, dismount and your getting pricked.

Dan showing off his down hill skills

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Carlos said...

Looks like you guys are having too much fun.
Now I'm feeling jealous, but at least I was able to do the TT at platteville last weekend, took 3rd place, and they have really good technical trails too. I'll post pix of the race later.
Have fun.