Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday morning ride

I got in a MTB ride early this morning because we have a lot going on today. So I loaded up the gear and headed out the door by 9:30 AM to ride the paved trails. The trails are to mushy right now so I opted for the pavement on my mountain bike. I received two e-mails about other road rides but unfortunately I have obligations today and could not join in on the longer group ride. So anyway...I headed out the door and headed down Center street and it was windy and a bit nippy on my ears. I was clipping away at a good pace but my ears were still cold and I did not wear a baklava or head band, so I called captain candy to bring me something for my ears before he heads down to Ben's. Ten minutes later he met me at Hansen Park with ear warmer/head band to wear and I was off again thanks to captain. I was waiting to warm up and I was keeping up a good pace, but it was windy so it made it a bit more chilly to ride today. I headed out to Greenfield Park and the onto the New Berlin Rec trail and headed west. About a quarter mile down the path, WE Energies had a truck in the middle of the path and they were working with some cable wires and there was no where for me to go through or around them, so I headed back and off towards Whitnall Park and then turned around at Cleveland road and headed back home. Nothing too exciting, It was a good ride on the MTB rather than road today given that dam wind. It certainly did not feel like 50 degrees out there this morning.

Ride Time: 01:45:00
Average HR 145
Miles 22
Calories 1096

Pre-ride breakfast: two slices of 100% whole wheat toast (with butter) and jelly and banana and strawberry yogurt smoothie. I usually don't use butter but it tastes sooo good.

Time to pick up around the house and get ready for my nieces 9 the birthday party and then off to another party tonight at Mike Fro's house.

my feet are still a bit numb.


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Anonymous said...

Any ride this time of year is a good one!

Stay warm and dry.