Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Monday night I got Trail girl out of the house to join me for power flex class. This is a full body weight lifting class to music. High reps and no breaks for a full sixty minutes of pain. Designed to strengthen, tone and improve your endurance.
Trail girl has new responsibilities of a young one and she does not have time to screw around at the gym. I told her about the power flex class, that you can get your work out done in an hour and she was sold! The first time you take the class is a bit challenging to choose your weights appropriately, especially if your an experienced weight lifter. You go in with a big head thinking...I can push a few more pounds until you realize your going to do 60 reps or so, UGH! Then the instructor tells us that the minimum number of push-ups in her class is 100, UGH! UGH! Trail girl and I looked at each other and said, Oh Yeah! I wonder how she is feeling today?


ullaG said...


I feel like I've been run over by a semi.

But its all good.
I'll be back for more next Monday and hopefully stay for the Pilates class too! I guess pain is in my blood!

MTB Girl said...

Yikes!! I started Yoga today and am already sore. . . .can't wait to start lifting again. We'll see how that goes. . . .

Christine said...

Last night I was aching all over and had to pop some ibuprofen and went to bed early, I was sore all over. I'll be back for more pain too, it runs in the family I guess:o)