Saturday, November 11, 2006


Last night was almost a call to 911. Captain Candy needed desperately to take a shower and get that dam bandage off his shoulder. The doctor told him not to remove the bandage for three days nor shower, YEW! So I thought we would let him shower last night and it would make him feel a bit better. Never mix beer, percocets and a nice hot shower, this is a perfect combination to vasodilate those arteries and look out! I helped Captain Candy out of the shower to dry off and a few seconds later he was feeling a bit nauseas and the next thing you know, he turned white as a ghost and a bit ashen to the lips. We quickly got him to lie on the floor and I put some cold compress on his neck and chest to cool him off. I thought he was a goner there for a second. Slowly, he started to regain blood flow and he said to me, "felt like I was passing through the Gates of Hell." No more Lakefront for the boy, I think he should stick to Hersheys.


Russell said...

If you would've rubbed some dirt on it as I suggested you would be all better by now.

Anonymous said...

WoW !!!
Don't scare me like that .
Ty getting out of the shower ?
Veryvery frightening . -db