Friday, September 08, 2006


Well it's here, Friday at last and I feel fatigued. I got in some good rides this past week but really felt tired riding last night and had to push it with the intervals. SRM battery died before my ride so I had to opt for the HR method which sucks! I am still tired today and hungry as hell. Hopefully no rain in the forecast for Sunday's race at Kewaskum. I would hate to have more mechanicals after another muddy race. Gotta save the bike for Cheq Fat Tire. Well all I can work on for now is recovery.

Tammi and her daughter Schenise are headed down to stay with us for the weekend. We plan on taking the backwoods girls out to dinner at Rock Bottom in the BIG CITY tonight. We then plan to pre-ride in the morning depending on the weather. Not sure if Tammi is volunteering for this one, I should of signed up too. Oh well, chin up........

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MTB Girl said...

It's gonna be NASTY......the clouds are movin' in.