Monday, September 04, 2006


I have family and friends always calling and complaining that the entire summer is almost gone and we never get around to do things with them because of our biking. You should hear some of our phone messages, some even go so far as to lay a huge guilt trips on us, thinking that will work, they just don't get it. So Ty and I decided to get together with some of our friends this weekend before we become friendless and head to Chi town for a little indulgence. I find it is not too easy to put the bike aside for more than twentyfour hours, I start to get withdrawal symptoms but sometimes you just have to take a breather and let loose. Good friends, great French cuisine a few drinks and... I swear the devil made me do this....


MTB Girl said...

Did you eat and drink a LOT? Hopefully enough to slow you down a week later?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me .