Monday, August 28, 2006


Tammi and I did the pre-ride together and it went well, at least the first lap on the second I somehow wiped out on the third bridge and fell into the water. I know Tammi was hesitant to come to this race given her hip issues and oh yeah those dam tire issues too. I can't let her fool me though, she may whine and get frustrated on the pre-ride but when race day comes she is balls to the wall no stopping her. This is what I like about her attitude and work ethic. She even finds time to bake or cook something up special for the team for race weekend.

Well it was a great day for a race, temps in the mid 70's and just a little sun.
I started off slow knowing the hill climb is so long. I started to kick it up a notch just as we were headed into the single track passing whomever I could. Feeling good despite my slow start. I kept plugging away and sure thing I was able to see the orange blaze ahead, that of my teammates, Tammi and Cathy. I could see I was gaining time and anxiously awaited to hang with my team members for the first time in a race this season. They usually Kick my ass and I NEVER see the whites of there eyes. All my riding is starting to pay off. I finally caught up to Tammi and passed her at the water hole and just around the corner was able to get behind Cathy. It's too bad that they don't wait for me to catch up :), which would be a nice gesture since we are teammates and all, but I forget this is a race. The technical rocky sections demanded full attention so there is not much time to socialize especially in a race, ha ha I know better. So the course was a bit tacky but not too bad in some sections where it was relatively dry that is on the first two laps. I was keeping a good steady pace and keeping the bike under control from wipeouts. I almost felt like Mikey in the single track for a moment or two. For awhile it seemed like I was just passing Sport Men and so I felt like I was way behind to the front group. My brother-in-law Tony will be upset with me for not being in the top 10 going into the single track, and I would not be in this mess if I would of listened. I think I am afraid of blowing up my heart rate too soon on hill start, I will eventually get over this. I do recall his MTB boot camp lessons as I race and try hard to incorporate this with each lap which is not easy. I started to fatigue on the top of the third lap climb in the single track. It was killing me to ride in the big gears and I tried to shift down and the inevitable happened once again, click, click, click and no luck. I mustered my way up dying in this gear, I felt SOO SLOW, got out of the single track, off my bike to spin my pedals to get it into gear and NO LUCK. I had to walk my bike up the grassy hill to the flats to get back on. My legs were feeling like lead and I was getting exhausted especially since the singletrack turned to peanut butter. Mean while, while I was not shifting into a better gear, low and behold there was Greisbach passing me probably smiling all the way to the finish line. I tried to catch her but I could not for the life of me. The group must of been just ahead because Greisbach caught a few and had a great finish, top 10! Then to really top it off Cathy Passed me somewhere on the third lap and that was it for my Triumph. Well once I got to the top it got better and I could live with the gears for the rest of the race. Felt great to fly down the hill to the finish except for the last twisty steep downhill section that slowed me to a halt. Had to take it cautiously and made my way through. All of a sudden I hear a female voice, turned my head around, behind me was Klipp the famous roadie just behind me. The flight or fear gave me goose bumps and courage I never had before, dodge it to the finish I thought. All of a sudden I see this HUGE mud puddle at the bottom of the hill, no going around it just straight through, praying for life I don't wipe out before the finish. I took a straight line and closed my eyes and I made it! Dashing to the finish line within seconds of Klipp. I have to say it was great to have a bit of glory at this last race even though I did not finish in the top of the field.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Super Fly !! -DB

MTB Girl said...

SUPER race!! You looked great! It was nice to see you ahead of some of the "usuals" for a change! I hope you'll be gentle with me when I finally return to racing. . . . .