Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CTS article hits nail on the head

Compton earns bronze at Cross Worlds

I could not agree more that VOS drafted herself to victory without even working. That's racing I guess.

It's too bad Katie could not of taken it at the finish after leading the first half of the race by 17 seconds and blowing off the doors at the start.

I love Women Power!

World Championships Cyclo-cross on demand here


Sarah Lukas said...

women racing definitely is definitely pretty sweet!! go us!

T mon T said...

kinda hate to point this out, but katie rode that race like a triathlete. she was never out of touch of the chasers and they let her die like a fool local tri-geek 30 yards off the front of the tuesday nite ride.

in the words of the grateful dead, "set up, like a bowlin' pin".

in short - what did she think was gonna happen ?? for goodness sake that's marianne vos back there and she wasn't going anyplace, did she expect vos to do nothing ??for CTS to blame bike racers for riding a smart race is kinda dumb, if ya ask me ( which ya didn't - sorry ).