Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Bobs Bash

The Nigh's threw together a nice surprise, coming out party for Baby Bob this past Sunday afternoon. They let one of their dearest friends, AKA Massage Becky put together some games for us to play to make the party even more exciting. Becky gave us two minutes to figure out this puzzle and needless to stay, I lost.

Guess how many mini M&M's were in the baby bottle? Of course Captain Candy won the prize for coming close to the exact number.

Lori won herself a nice FBI Action kit which comes with a loaded dart gun and hand cuffs. I won't tell you what she plans with this stuff :-)

Baby Bob enjoying the Tour De Cali with Auntie Brittany

and of course, a surprise toy for the parents.

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old 'n slow said...

And the question begs for an answer:

How many cyclists does it take to assemble a simple baby jogger / trailer?