Friday, December 05, 2008


Face Book has sent out a malicious VIRUS!

The message is sent out to look like a Face Book friend stating,

" You've been Filmed! Haven't you noticed?"

(the video looks like a You tube link but it is spelled wrong) yuo

You then click on the video and you are F*****!

So for now, I am opting out of answering any F****** e-mails sent with Face Book on it.

Regular e-mail and phone calls work for me.

Free Anti Spy Ware: (suggested by our IT guy) to get rid of this nasty virus.


Coffee King (CK) said...

Seems that many of us were affected by this. I stopped short when the message came up that I needed an update of "Adobe Player" (or something like that). Got out right there and all seems well. Other people, not so good.

Christine said...

Ty has been working on my computer since Thursday night. I can't believe I fell for it. It was sent under as Holly Lictherman Klug (not that it is her fault) I am now listening to Ty's lectures on looking more carefully at Windows updates and on and on.... I should be grateful he knows stuff about computers.

velogrrl said...

I got the message from both you and Holly - at first I thought it seemed bogus and didn't open it - since as far as I know .exe files don't work on Macs anyway - then I later clicked on it. (not sure what I was thinking, since flash player upgrades usually send you to the flash site, and this didn't. ) So I don't know if I got the virus or not? How would I know? Did your guy say if it affects Macs?

Roger said...

Macs are immune to these silly attacks. Keep your Windows Updates up-to-date and your fingers crossed. Back up, scrub and reimage!