Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Harass me

Researchers at Stanford University found that people who received automated exercise reminders by phone were as likely to go to the gym as people who had real life trainers harassing them. Keep yourself honest by registering for prodding e-mails from Plug in your e-mail address, how often you want to be nudged, and a direct order ("Get to the GYM! Now! Love, your incredibly Skimpy Bikini") you get the picture. You can create your own reminders.

Anything helps at this time of the year.


spicyride said...

that's hilarious! must try.

D A N O said...

I need more than that.

Does it come with a baseball bat?

Russell said...

Consider this your nudge to just do nuthin'.

claire said...

I don't know about har-ass... how about sore-ass:

we (matt and I) are gonna be at Crank daddy's this Sat 12/6 at noon to ride the computrainers. Wanna make it a party?