Thursday, December 11, 2008


I heard on the news this morning that researchers are coming up with a new disease for those of us who are plastered to the Internet on a daily basis. They are calling it some kind of addiction problem and that anything over four hours a day qualifies you for the white suit and rubber room. That is totally silly.

Well my computer is still at the doctor and it looks grim. That darn face book bug ate the shit out of everything. Looks like I am getting a hand-me-down from my husband in the mean time. I can tell you I am having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to post my recent pics and it is driving me absolutely crazy. Who ever said the Internet is addictive? :-)


Roger said...

Label it as an addiction and then develop a drug to treat it! I spend nearly my entire day in front of the screen to make a living, I wouldn't consider it and addiction, more like a profession!

D A N O said...

I'm under two hours a day.
That includes working on the blog.
So I'm good.