Monday, September 08, 2008

Smokin Spoke 2008

Thanks to Elvis and his crew for the warm hospitality and putting on a great event for WORS # 10 at camp Tesoma in Rhinelander. Some newly added single track for the COMP/ELITE race added even more excitement and beauty to the race course.

The anticipation of storms held off for quite sometime and the start of the race day was pure sunshine and fresh northern air.


Top 8 Fast Men

Citizen and Sport start Pics here


Roger said...

Looks like perfect weather! Man this sucks not riding, Nice job!

old 'n slow said...

Christine, Could you please email me the full sized copy of picture IMG_7384 - my Ben at the start of the citizen race - looking back is something he should never do. I'll have to break him of this habit.

Thank you.


velogrrl said...

thanks for taking pics of the start!