Tuesday, September 16, 2008

close to home

Not much going on around here other than getting ready for the season change. With fall just around the corner and cooler evenings brings a chill to my spine and I tend to think about hibernation. Well not that bad but at least getting ready for whats next. Since Ty had business projects to mend this past weekend I put some energy into cooking. I do love this time of year when it comes to making all those warm and delicious, tummy melting foods that your body craves on a cool rainy night. So I made two huge pots of chili from scratch. The first pot was turkey chili and 5 peppers which will be ready on Friday. The longer it sits, the better the flavor. I had enough left over for two containers to freeze. This will be a nice treat after a cold night out riding or getting stuck in the rain. The second pot of chili is Ty's favorite white bean chicken chili. Well it's not all white bean, I have added black beans too to spice it up. That pot is already demolished. Next on the list is butternut squash soup, my favorite!

I am looking forward to the next race. This past weekend with all the rain and then missing Cheq Fat Tire, it's been pure misery as far as riding. I was so excited to hear the results of the Cheq Fat Tire on Saturday. I called Tammi's husband to see how she was doing since it was her first year racing the fat tire. I could hear in the background the anouncer calling off names as the riders came in. It was exciting to hear about everyones race and how it played out. I think I texted about 20 people, silly me. I wish I would of been there to take pictures. In fact... I still think it would be more fun to do the short and fat race and then have time to take pictures of the 40 miler finishers. That's just pure fun for me I guess :-)

Oh and I forgot that I need to learn how to jump barriers if I am going to race cross this season. The new bike is still sitting in the basement and I only rode it for about 2 minutes so far. I know there are cross practices going on in the area but it always conflicts with my work schedule. Is anyone out there interested in teaching me, or should I just learn how to bunny hop :-) Top that off is I will race unattached since Alterra is not listed as a VELO Club? What ever that means, I am such a rookie about cross racing. Raced once on my MTB and got lapped several times. LOL!


Amy D. said...

That's what I like to do, do the Short and Smart and then take pics of the 40 mile finishers! I remember getting one of you last year, as a matter of fact.

It was so wet this year, people didn't hang around for long after their race. You didn't miss that much picture taking - the conditions at the finish weren't ideal! I hardly have any good pics. :-(

Oh, and you can't be any worse at cross barriers than I am!! Just go out and do your best, you'll get better as the season goes on.

Why not try just putting Alterra down on your entry form, maybe they won't challenge you on it not being an official USCF club? I don't think they charge an extra fee any more for being unnattached anyway, do they?

Mountaingoat said...

Just put your Team name on the form when you register. They never double check it. We're not giving free money to USAC so none of my juniors are registered when they road race but WCA results always show their Team name.