Thursday, September 18, 2008

Room available

Main Vacation House has a beautiful view of the lake, 1 bedroom on the first level with a full bath and 4 bedrooms on the second level, with a full bath and sleeps 10.

$20.00 a head for Saturday night. Pasta feed 6:00PM, bring sauce and noodles to share.

Alterrra peeps rented this house on the lake for the Shawano race. We can have ONE more peep to stay with us. Call me if your interested. Rented for 8/26 & 8/27.


Coffee King (CK) said...

Hey there Christine. Bill and Brittany aren't going up until Sunday so I'm on my own. Do you have a room for rent for Saturday night? I don't have your phone number. My phone number is 262-689-7785. Thanks. Jeff

Sarah Lukas said...

well that sounds like fun!!

Anonymous said...

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