Monday, December 10, 2007

Too much to do too little time

Saturday morning came quickly and I just rolled out a bed and the phone rang, it was Bubba to tell me the trails were in no shape for a ride today. I was really disappointed because I was really looking forward to riding with the girls on the snow covered trails, it would of been fun. Thankfully, I programed everyone with the exception of Regina into my cell phone so that I could text page everyone that the ride was canceled. Yes, for some reason I forgot the grand po bah's number and finally looked her up on line. I tried to talk her into coming out my way to go shopping but I think the thought of an hour and an half drive to shop instead of bike was ridiculous. Needless to say, I was now up pretty early so I decide to go shopping and return a few items as well as pick up a few Christmas gifts.

First stop was Mayfair Mall to exchange two pairs of pants I purchased for work at Express. I love their EDITOR pants and they are perfect for work. I did not try them on since I have wore the same size for years. Well, they were 4 inches too long on length, WTF. I picked up the regulars, NOT long. You would think anyone that lives in Wisconsin to be 5'9" or taller and have a slim figure, go figure. So I went back to the store to see if I got the wrong size. There happened to be another girl there with a similar problem. Long story short, either you had a choice of ordering them and risking them not having your size or living with it and getting them altered yourself. I decided to do the altercations since the pants I bought were sold out in Chicago a few weeks ago and I am sure they will be bought out here too before Christmas.

Picked up a few more things after it took me nearly 20 minutes just to get out of my parking space and then headed downtown to Alterra to replenish our coffee supply at home. Across the street form Alterra on Prospect is the new Urban Outfitters that was just built here on the Fashionable East Side. I can't wait! I saw a cute pair of shoes in Chicago when I was there and hope they will have them next week when they open. They are a pair of flats with T Straps. So after I ran around all morning, the stress of the holidays was getting to me and some how I really miss being outside. This shopping is for the birds, I save more money riding my bike. I don't have to worry what I am going to wear out because I never go any where any way and all I need is a good pair of jeans and a comfy cotton tee shirt any day.

I got home and decided to head out for a ride by myself, I could not take it anymore. After 10 minutes of punching it into the bitter cold, I warmed up and was ready to have fun. I headed to the parkway to catch the Oak Leaf Trails heading North. After riding on the slushy, icy streets I jumped on the trails that looked like it had a nice little paved walk way and I hit the ground in no time flat. I quickly got up to try again and it was nearly impossible to steer on the somewhat hard, bumpy trail that many have walked on. Some jogger looked at me like I was a crazy person, but who cares. I laughed at myself and said the hell with it and rode on the street instead.

Nice Traction

The road conditions were OK along the parkway and there was barely any traffic which was nice. I think that if you really want to ride outside in the winter you have to be very flexible or forget it. So if anyone is interested in long rides this winter, especially on the weekends, call me!


MTB Girl said...

I hit the gym tonight. First time in a LONG time. My "down time" is offically over. Hmmm, do you think 3+ weeks was TOO much? :-)

sue dionne said...

I give you credit if you ride bike outside this time of year. You go girl! I my world, winter is for watching movies you haven't seen in a while, taking long naps under a nice warm blanket, throw in some popcorn, now that's all good. Then some might say my world is boring. May start xmas shopping one of these days!