Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday Night Alterra Ride

From left to right, Chris, Erin, Roger and Tina
On your mark, get set, go!

We finally managed to have three girls ride tonight and that was awesome! Rode out to Theinsville and the weather held out for the most part but it was a bit gusty on the way back. Us girls managed to stay with the lead pack for at least a good hour give or take waiting for a few of us at stop signs here and there, thank you! We finally split off into the B group and Greg was nice enough to ride with us girls since I did not know the route back from Theinsville to well. I think we kept up a good pace heading back thanks to Angie who pulled quite a bit last night. I have to say she has really nice cadence on some of those climbs. Unfortunately on the way back Greg got a flat and us girls stopped with him to make sure he was safe. He does not know it but I timed him and he fixed that flat in less then 5 minutes :-) I had a great ride last night and I hope to see more girls join us for Thursday night Alterra rides!

Miles: 38.9
Avg Speed: 17.6
Total Time Riding: 2:11:55
Avg Power: 134
Avg HR: 143
Avg Cadence: 80


Roger said...

Good time last night, took us a LONG time to get organized but eventually it all worked out. We too had a good ride 22 mph average coming home.

Christine said...

Yes, we know you guys are FAST! Sure was a great night for riding!

MTB Girl said...

I not in good enough shape to ride with you fast "roadies". ;-)

Christine said...

It's all about drafting. I need all the handicap I can get riding with these guys.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday nights...6pm...Bicycle Doctor in Dousman has a great road ride...come and hang!!