Saturday, March 03, 2007


Last night we all got together for Jo's Birthday at
Ricardo's Pizzeria in the 3rd Ward. I captured Jo making
a wish and thanking the wine fairy for descending on her party.

I had the waitress ( who was super fantastic in serving up the vino, my glass was never empty) take this pic before we, all got smashed.

Thankfully for that! I think we all look quite smashing.

Unfortunately, this is how I feel today. I finally got
out of bed at 4:00PM after praying to the porcelain goddess a
few times today. I Missed my ride with Captain, who happens
to be riding out to Pewaukee lake as I write this post. I seem to
enjoy Birthday Party's a bit too much. I think I need to jump on
wagon for awhile and detox. Then maybe I'll loose some of this fat
tire I put on in the last few months.


MTB Girl said...

The trick is to drink MORE often. . . .see that builds up the "tolerance" and you don't get as sick as easily. . . .or that's what someone told me at least. . . .not that I'd know. ;-)

jo jo said...

Let's just blame this on our waitress. She was so good at brining the wine, we didn't even know we drank several bottles.