Sunday, February 25, 2007

MTB Mama comes to town

Well MTB Mama loaded up the truck and headed for a five hour trip to the BIG CITY for a little R&R and to sell her husbands rig.
There is nothing better than the big city when it comes to selling your stuff. Thanks to Tong G
he is going to place the bike for sale on e-Bay for them. Anyone interested?

Luckily she missed the storm this weekend which did most of it's damage late into the night, so we were able to get in some fun.
Sanjay and Anna joined in a bit later.

Of course, Tammi blazed her little tires off and beat everyone to the finish line, except for GMAN.


Anonymous said...

I won! I won!


Russell said...

The reason Gman was so fast is that he's using my back wheel.