Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tosa Trails are Rockin!

I almost forgot what it was like to nearly wipe out and save myself form a crash and actually feel good about it. That gut feeling that rattles your cage, that keeps you pushing it to take it one step further from your comfort zone on the twisty trails, that you know so well by heart as the sun sets. (blah, blah ,blah) Oh how I missed riding these trails off the river in Tosa. Just outside my back door, who could ask for anything more convenient. Thanks to Bubba and crew for the dedication of trail maintenance and the great work that has gone into keeping them alive. No huge tree crossings, no stinging weed whacking against my body tonight other than the reflection of Autumn leaves off the river and the warm sun on my face.

Definitely can't wait to charge up them lights for some Autumn night riding. Anyone want to join me?

1 comment:

Christopher said...

Christine, I'm up for some night rides! Let me know when you're thinking of riding.