Monday, September 21, 2009

Cheq Fat Weekend

Photo by Amy D at the finish

My first Chequamegon Fat Tire race doing the 40 rather than the Short and Fat was a great experience topped off with unseasonably warm temps for early September in Hayward Wisconsin. My expectations were just to go out and have fun and maybe finish before three hours.

Starting off with thousands of males and a few hundred females stirred the nerves at the start but with the slow motion of the lead out, it was not too bad. It was a bit claustrophobic and thank goodness it was not post race it would have been smelly. We turned a hard left into Rosie’s Field and it was a roller coaster ride from then on.

3:11:26 across the finish line for me. Did you know the third fastest overall woman of the day was Catherine Walberg from Topeka KS, her time was 2:28:15 that's fast and she is older than me :-)

It was really fantastic to see Sanjay, Anna, Ted, Andrea and the gang. We had some memorable moments this past weekend that went down in the books.

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mtbVegan said...

It was awesome! So glad we got to hang out!!