Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trail Days

Yesterday after work I grabbed a piece of cold left over pizza from the fridge, loaded the car and headed off to trail days at Crystal Ridge. Stuck in rush hour for 30 minutes, I finally made it in time to do some work with the team, Ty, Greg and Christopher. Ty was cutting the cap with the heavy duty lawn mower and also working on the new section of the switch back climb. Greg led us down to the Alpha trails where work was to be done cutting back the weeds. Prior to our departure in the deep woods, we slathered ourselves in OFF from head to toe.

Sure is pretty as the sun sets
One step even near the woods and we were viciously attacked by swarms of these little vampires. I should of thought to spray the inside of my ears since they tried desperately to find somewhere I forgot to spray it seemed. By the time we got to the split on the Alpha trail where it said difficult or easy, Christopher and I had lost the battle and surrendered.

Our leader Ty popped open the trunk and handed us off a nice tasty cold one for our fearless efforts. Greg on the other hand was still down on the Alpha trails working diligently. Some reason, they were not bothering him so much :-)


Christopher said...

I still feel like mosquitoes are swarming me!

bmxmtbfam said...

thermacell, they really work, maybe not on the toxic skeeters they breed at crystal