Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Firecracker's launch Superfly

photo's from Amy D
Literally, I was seeing stars for most of the race. Full on attacks in the rock garden (thanks Lori) and smooth riding in the beautiful single track made for a very fun ride at WORS #5 Firecracker Race. I can't really remember anything other than what my awesome coach has reminded me to think about when racing and it worked. I was feeling really efficient and negotiating the trails with smooth cornering. I felt like Mikey with MAD SKILLZ in the single track for the day. I also had fun with the comp guys and it felt like heaven out there once again. A few of the guys were quite comical which made the racing even more fun. I managed to stay upright in a few sticky close call situations when others try to pass on the bridges and on ledges. Someone actually asked to pass me on the ledgey descent into the first creek crossing on lap one, I should of said, "go left" :-) Going into lap three I think, I saw Karlene and Brenda out of the corner of my eye which kept me even more motivated all the way to the finish line.

Thanks to Amy D and Rusty for such great photos of everyone out there. Big thanks to Demi for my hand ups!

This season is getting HOT!


rusty wrycza said...

your facial exppression says it all
Jekyll & Hyde for sure!!!
what a great course

mtbVegan said...

seriously awesome job out there Christine!

MTB Girl said...

You looked awesome out there. Nice riding! :-)