Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Take a look at this beautiful mess. I decided to get my sofas cleaned back in May and it has now turned into a disaster. The buttons on the sofa somehow got stained during the cleaning and the company has been out 4 times now to try to rectify this. Each time it gets worse and now the brown shit is bleeding into the sofa backing. Top that off with chemical streaking from multiple washings. The company wants to work with me to rectify this but I don't like what they are offering. They know an upholster who can come out and change the material on the buttons, but the catch is they want me to find the material. WTF??? Then after that is fixed, they will try to get out the brown bleeding stain but say nothing about the chemical streaking they imposed after multiple washings. My other option is to take the money. They tell me my sofa's are 8 years old and only worth 250.00- 300.00 and they would reimburse me to fix it myself. WTF?? I would of not even considered getting them cleaned if I knew that if they wrecked my sofas and they were over a year old they are not responsible for damages. I told them I want the sofa's completely reupholstered or buy me two new sofas. What a F****** saga. We will see where this goes.


Christopher said...

You just taught me a lesson - to never clean anything in my house. Better safe than sorry.

Sorry about the headaches! Reminds me of when I got my down comforter dry-cleaned...oh man! Hopefully these jokers will come through and make this right.

mtbVegan said...

poor couches! That is crazy...who's the cleaning company so I can never use their services?

bmxmtbfam said...

Steal is real but steal buttons rust when they get wet and rust even faster when chemicals burns the coating off. I am guees adlemann

Spinninmud said...

Steel is the right answer. Remove the buttons and "try" to find replacements.
My parents had the same thing happen.
sorry to say their stains never came out. sorry