Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wound care for road rash

More Drama...

right thigh

inner left elbow (in the crease) how did he do that?

prescription strength pain relief 5%, apply on cleansed area. plain soap and water does the trick.

moist gauze dressing

apply to affected area following lido ointment

they use these dressing on the soldiers in Iraq for healing wounds. Made with silver that prevents the bugs from getting in and taking over. Top that off, they are re-usable all you have to do is wash them. Now that's really green.

apply wet with saline or dry

wrap with kerlix gauze


rusty wrycza said...

how about some site signing?
and no more tegaderm... guess this has a silver lining!!!

velogrrl said...

I was hoping you'd post the tips the nurse gave you. Those are good things to know. Thanks!

Can items such as the Lidocaine, the silver dressing and the other dressing be purchased at a regular drugstore or are they only available by prescription or to those in the medical profession?

I still wonder where you can get that stretchy circular gauze that goes around a limb like a sleeve to hold a dressing on. The medics would use it on road rash from road races. I can't remember the name of it.