Friday, May 22, 2009

Close Call

Getting ready to go to XRAY.

After Ty's disappointing race at Iola, he needed to do a group ride to refresh his racing tactics, on how to suffer and attack. Thursday's Alterra Group ride is just what the Doctor ordered and then some. After doing 30+ miles and heading back to Alterra with a nice tail wind, there was a final sprint with a bump that took him down along with Tim Scanley. Hitting the ground at 26+ MPH will leave a mark. Scanley nearly lost his head to the curb, but his helmet was the hero and took the blow. Both were taken to separate hospitals by the fire department. Tim walked away with a broken pinkie.

I on the other hand, did my own ride and thought I would meet up with him at Alterra afterwards. I was standing in line with Regina getting coffee and I saw that all the guys were rolling in from the ride. One of the non-Alterra members in blue walked up to me and said, "your husband crashed! they took him away on a board" I almost fainted waiting for him to tell me I lost my husband. The MOST terrible moment in my life next to hearing you lost your parents. I am so thankful that he is ok, it's such a scary thing at that moment.

A little road rash. He decided to roll when he fell to prevent any deeper layers from getting ripped off. Smart Boy! Instead he has rash on both sides of his body.

Getting his wounds washed by the nurse. Obviously, the pain medicine is not working.

Thanks Regina for being there at that moment when I thought I was going to collapse. You and Christopher both are awesome!
Ty's got an appointment today with the orthopedic surgeon who did his rotator cuff about 2 years ago. I hope it's not bad news.


Roger said...

That's CRAZY!!! I hope that everyone is okay please let us know how the appointment works out! It was a crazy fast and disorganized ride last night!

mtbVegan said...

Happy to help you guys out. I'm so glad no one was injured any worse than they were. Let me know how the appointment goes. And let me know if there's anything else I can do.

spicyride said...

I can't even imagine. I'm glad he's for the most part okay.

old 'n slow said...

Ortho? Broken collar bone or what?

Prayers your way from all of us.


Angie said...

Christine - sorry to hear about Ty's crash. Give him lots of TLC this weekend!

Christopher said...

Both of you take care. Hope to hear good news from the shoulder doc!

bmxmtbfam said...

cold ice packs and cold 12 packs will make things all better

Greg said...

Yeah, I hope Ty and Tim are alright, I'm suprised how they came out from how bad it looked from my view (right behind Ty) . I was about two inches away coming down with Ty and Tim(because I was second wheel with him). So I hope everything turns out alright.

Roger said...

Any updates on his condition? How about Tim?