Saturday, April 04, 2009

don't f around

Regina and I were headed out on a mission Saturday morning. The goal for the day was to avoid the trainer for Sunday with anticipation of the big SNOW storm on the way. First things before heading out was a pair of fashionable but practical set of shades. Ty had an assortment of shades to choose from and I took the coolest, RUDY Project. I asked him where the heck he got these and he said he won them at the WORS banquet last year. Hmm, I think they are mine now :-)

Regina was styling these Seferis SKI looking glasses. They look like something Elton John wore back in the day.

We headed West and stumbled on this urban art show.

A few steps closer and it appeared someone wrote a message. That hit the nail on the head for the days ride. 70 plus miles at an intensity factor of about 8 and to think we never bonked. Top that off with not having to face the trainer come Sunday if we get hit with the proposed snow.

Next weekend the sky is the limit!

Fox river


Christopher said...


Roger said...

I was out all day on Saturday, it was actually on nice day.

Carlos said...

Nice, I did only 35 mile ride on friday night. Short but lot's of spining to wake up the legs.

Nice shades!