Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wisconsin Spring

After searching for motivation today, I got my arse out of the office and out on to the trails. I remembered my baklava and helmet this time which saved my little ears. I took out my Hollywood shades for the ride since I head west into the sun, and cool MTB glasses with yellow lenses do not cut it. I almost ran over a loose dog ( get it! dog should be on leash!!!) the other day with those shades. Today my glasses were fogged up and I was retaining Co2 which made for an interesting ride. The mojo was there despite the fatigue, but it was the piercing bitter knife cutting wind (can I think of any more adjectives) that slowed me down. ( I have to blame it on something)
Well at least we are back to normal temps for goodness sake! I was getting a bit tired of 75 degree weather, that gets old real fast. :-)

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velogrrl said...

that picture makes me laugh! you kinda look like an insect!