Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Setting up tarp 101

Not too long ago, I remember camping with all the old team members, Drankus, Phillips, Ganju, T. Gonzalez, Trail Girl and Kirkpatrick. One of our team specialties was setting up tarps in case of the dreaded rain on race weekend. I can't recall exactly what year it was, but it seemed it rained at every race. So our team developed superior skills in setting up tarps for our camping events. I found this video reminiscent of the good old times.




D A N O said...

You guys are "tarpologists".

Christopher said...

Mikey has hair!

Anonymous said...

Thats Classic !! Good Times.


MTB Girl said...

Yeah, we just close the windows in our hotel on wheels and turn up the heat while we heat up hot chocolate in the microwave. :-)