Monday, June 09, 2008

Damage Patrol Ride

I know you are all tired of hearing about the flooding but I found it to make my ride a bit interesting this evening. Here it looks like the water is drying up a bit compared to yesterdays report from Bubba.

The ride along the lake, opps I mean Menomonee Parkway way just beautiful.

As I rode past the ducks, I had told myself at least someone is enjoying all this water.

Then I ran into these two kids having a good old time paddling away. At first I thought they were fishing for golf balls but I happen to find out that they are neighbors of Bubba, Scott and his son Josh. I guess it was fun as long as you stay away form the current. I mentioned to them that not too far away was officer friendly and they best not get caught.

I guess they did not care.

Once a nice place to golf.

The Menomonee River is way beyond the tosa trails. This area to the left of that little white house is pretty much near the trails.

The picture here is the bridge over the highway, just turn left and dip down into the secret Bubba Trails.

I wish I could go further to see what it really looks like down there. Pretty scary.

This was pretty much the scene around the area. You can tell the folks that got water damage to their basements. I never saw so many mattresses on the curb, at first I thought they had a bed sale somewhere. But if you look close enough, most of the stuff lingering for Garbage pick up is drenched. I feel sorry for the Milwaukee Department of sanitation tomorrow morning.


MTB Girl said...

Guess it may be a while before we're cruising those trails hey? :-)

bubba said...

Scott is the "fiddle- maker" you may have heard me talk about.
He actually helped me cut the original Bubba trail.

You would think a guy that makes hand-made violins for a living would have more sense than to be paddling around in the fairways of a golf course, but he's a total Clampett.

velogrrl said...

thanks for the pictorial. I didn't realize how much flooding you got! yikes!