Sunday, January 28, 2007


This past week I had a reduction in the hours on the training plan and no resistance training either. This left me with plenty of time for getting my home office organized, having an impromptu dinner party and a relaxing endurance ride in the bitter cold yesterday afternoon. Buckette, and Jo came over last night for dinner and a movie, Little Miss Sunshine. Captain cooked up a great tasty meal, Roasted pork loin and fig sauce. Jo brought a tasty salad with all the fixin's.

For dessert, my favorite, Madelyn cake! A few glasses of wine, dinner and halfway through the movie I was toast. I missed half the movie. I'm a looser!


MTB Girl said...

You're not a loser, you just enjoy life. There's a difference between drinking so much you PASS out, and having a few glasses of wine and getting tired. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you having FUN!!! All that intense training also requires recovery and just enjoying life......Have another one on me.