Friday, January 19, 2007

Alone on a Friday night.

I actually left work today and it was light out. This gives me motivation that Spring is just around the corner and I need to behave and stick to the plan. So after work I headed to the gym. Captain Candy was out helping a friend move so I had the night to myself to do what "I" want to do. Well, I guess I always do what I want to do anyway, and NO, I am not selfish. I hit the weights and had no problems with waiting in line tonight. The most difficult exercise I have to do is one legged curls. I really need to work on those hamstrings, I feel I have no brute strength. After weights, I usually jump into Powerflex class, but it is Friday night and no one with a life teaches class at this time. I wanted to do some cardio so I tried the Elliptical thing that Teri recommended years ago. Well I got on and this nice girl Laura showed me how to program it. I set it for "Fat Burn" since that's all I do is cardio. Burning fat sounds like fun! So I am plugging away and trying to get into a rhythm. The computer asks for your weight and age and then gives you a target Heart rate. I felt quite comfortable and could easily hold a conversation with the gal next to me. Might I add, this is the machine that you also use your arms, so you get a full body workout and is not a "wussy" elliptical. All of a sudden the machine flashes in red bold letters, REDUCE YOUR SPEED ! I thought, "what?" I feel like I am floating through air. So I slowed down and continued on. Again the machine said, "SLOW DOWN, REDUCE YOUR SPEED !" I thought to myself, wow, I must be pretty good:) Well at least it was a confidence boost. I could not believe how hard it was to control a lower heart rate, I felt like taking off. So I had fun trying this out and actually burned about 500 calories and a couple miles skating.

After the gym I headed home to make Shrimp scampi. Captain hates seafood, so every opportunity I get to squeeze it in, I indulge. I used Tyler Florence's recipe and it turned out super great! MMMMMMMMM!

Now that's my kind of night alone.


ullag said...

yummmmmmy... got any leftovers?

Must be a Gonzalez thing, Tony doesn't like seafood much either.

MTB Girl said...

I do what I want all the time too. :-) 2007 is all about me. So far, so good.

Anonymous said...

This is why I don't reply much because I still haven't taken the time to figure out how to not be annonymous.......go figure, anyway I told you over a year ago how much I LOVE the eliptical...thanks for finally giving it a whirl. It's fun to try new things!!! I'm even buying cross country skiis just to try it out for a month or so. Anything to get the cardio in. I am so hungry now that I saw that yummy pasta. What's for dinner tomorrow?
You know who: MTB BUDDY