Monday, August 31, 2009


Start shots by Amy D
cool pic of us ready to GOOOOOO!

Picture by Chris McGovern

My favorite course for hammering it and feeling the rhythm was less than what I expected for myself at this point in the season. I have no excuses, and I need not complain, I just can’t pull it together at the starts this year. Maybe my expectations are too high of myself, or I am just burned out from seven years of racing. I train, I eat right, I follow my training plan exactly, I train, I train and I just keep training, which I do happen to enjoy! I can’t figure it out. I could not even jump on Comp wheels when offered, Grrrr. Maybe I need to get back in the Alterra Thursday night group rides for some spanking.

I actually had fun despite my lack of power for the day. I was on focus from the start of the race and continued that all the way to the finish. I came around mid race and that’s when the fun started. I started to catch girls and able to work with two super nice guys on the flats. One of them was from team Pedal Moraine, I think it was Jonathan Nehring, not sure and another super nice guy in the 50+ category Mark Bader. We worked together for a bit on the second lap of the race and then seemed to launch me into a mission to keep catching and persevere. Funny thing is that I felt super fast on my final lap but my lap times were all consistent. Anyway, I enjoyed the race and only wish for better outcomes in the future.

Congrats to Lori on her 1st overall finish, you inspire me!

Top 5 ELITE Women Overall

photo by me

Top 10 Elite/Pro line up.
photo by me

Thanks again to the nice comp guy Mark Bader form Gladstone Michigan 50+ you also inspire me to keep plugging away to remain young at heart!


Anonymous said...


Yep it was me from Team Peddle, we had a good line going --it was a good pace --thanks for the pulls...I pretty much road damage control on the last lap, didnt have too much left. As for the training I am scratching my head too, I may try hooking up with some synthetic blood next year..or maybe just sleep more:)
Take care. Jonathan

Anonymous said...
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mtbVegan said...

I love that picture of us side by side...go Alterra!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christine! It was a fun race. The only thing that would have made it better is more singletrack. Hang in there and don't get discouraged. Some days you have it and others you don't.


Chris McGovern said...

Christine, you showed my buddy Jon Nehring love with the press, but how about showing me some love!! Heather Lao took some awesome shots, but the picture of you guys in the train was my baby. After completing my little baby 12 mile Citizens race, I decided to try to do some damage with the camera. I have a bunch more of you guys completing that lap and would be happy to hook you up with some high res photos. I charge Nehring $25.00 each, but you can have them for free.

Later on !

Chris McGovern

McG said...

Christine, congrats on the race by the way. Just drop me a note to the above email address and I will reply with the full-res pics, even though you have severely offended me by giving credit to another person for my stunning and award-winning photograph. I will be eternally hurt.... just kidding.


Christopher said...

Christine, as long as you keep pushing yourself past your comfort zone...and still enjoying pedaling your're rocking it! Times/comparison to other riders/power output, etc. are fine to look at, but don’t let them determine whether you had a good race or a poor race. I’d put this race in the good category, considering you were consistent, you finished, worked hard and sounded like you had fun. Hope to see you at the team ride sometime soon!

claire said...

Congratulations on your race Christine - I still remember you catching and passing me the last time we were both at Suamico together! (Jerk! - just kidding!)

Also, see what I mean about the photo contest? Sorry I gave you the wrong name.